Photo of Emil  Coman, Ph.D.

Emil Coman, Ph.D.

Research Associate II
Academic Office Location:
Health Disparities Institute
195 Farmington Avenue, Suite 3004
Farmington, CT 06032-6034
Phone: 860-679-6213
Fax: 860-679-1434

Methods Assistance

Curriculum Vitae:

I. Evidence-Based Medicine/Information Mastery for medical residents 

- Assist medical residents through Dept. of Family Medicine in weighing medical evidence from various sources, with an emphasis on translating statistical tools used in assessing and presenting such evidence.

II. Helpful Tips and Supplementary Materials

Contact for detailed appendices

1. Models and Outputs: Statistical power of alternative structural models for comparative effectiveness research: advantages of modeling unreliability.
2. Mplus Outputs: "Characteristics of initial and sustained female condom users among urban U.S. women."
3. Mplus Outputs: "Ethnic differences of the mediating effects of anxiety and actual social support on the relation between stress and depression in community-dwelling older adults."
4. Mplus Outputs: "Comparisons of CES-D depression scoring methods in two older adult ethnic groups. The emergence of an ethnic-specific brief three-item CES-D scale."
5. AMOS Model and Data: "The paired t-test as a simple latent change score model."
6. Poster: “Challenges in assessing impact of an intervention to reduce HIV when comparison data is not available”.
7. AMOS Model and Poster.pptx: “A layman’s visual modeling introduction to latent change score analysis”.
8. Mplus Outputs.pdf for the “Altering dynamic pathways to reduce substance use among youth: Changes achieved by dynamic coupling” paper.
9. Poster Latent Variables.pptx: “On the uses, benefits and interpretive meanings of latent variables in Comparative Effectiveness (CE) research” 12th annual CT - American Statistical Association mini-conference.
10. MPlus CFA Outputs.pdf: “Development and validation of the Medical Home Care Coordination Survey for assessing care coordination in the primary care setting from the patient and provider perspectives”, NIH, Free PDF.
11. Online Appendix.docx (syntaxes and outputs): The utility of well-designed graphical displays for statistical analyses. The omnipresence of latent variables in statistics.

Journal Articles