Photo of Robin C. Schwartz, M.S., C.G.C., L.G.C.

Robin C. Schwartz, M.S., C.G.C., L.G.C.

Assistant Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences
Academic Office Location:
Genetics and Genome Sciences
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-7120
Phone: 860-679-6068
Fax: 860-679-0143

Ms. Schwartz received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Herbert H. Lehman College in 1973, and her master’s degree in genetic counseling from Rutgers University in 1976. A member of the National Society of Genetic Counseling since 1979, she was a coordinator in Clinical Genetics at Columbia University, a research associate at Rutgers University, and has been at UConn Health Center since 1987.

B.A.Herbert H. Lehman CollegeBiology
M.S.Rutgers UniversityGenetics and Genetic Counseling
Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
University of Connecticut, Professional Science Masters Program in Health Care GeneticsAdvisory CommitteeKey Faculty MemberUConn HealthUniversity2012
Education and Workforce Development, Genetic Advisory Committee, Connecticut Department of Public Health Advisory CommitteeCo-ChairUConn HealthUniversity2010
Expert Genomics Advisory Committee, CT Department of Public Health Advisory CommitteeMemberUConn HealthUniversity2008
Human Genetics Residency Program Research CommitteeAssociate DirectorUConn HealthUniversity2008
Education and Workforce Development, Connecticut Department of Public HealthAdvisory CommitteeMemberUConn HealthUniversity2007
National Society of Genetic Counselors Professional/Scientific OrganizationMemberExternalNational1980
American Society of Human GeneticsProfessional/Scientific OrganizationMemberExternalNational
American Board of Medical GeneticsProfessional/Scientific OrganizationDiplomateExternalNational
American Board of Genetic CounselingAdvisory CommitteeCharter MemberExternalNational
Commission on CancerOtherMember, Genetic Counselor RepresentativeUConn HealthNational
Ms. Schwartz strives to provide information to individuals with an increased risk to develop cancer, so that they, along with their health care providers, can activate personalized cancer prevention strategies. Genetic risk assessment can play a role in the early identification of families with a higher risk to develop cancer. Individuals in families with concerns about their cancer risk often seek guidance and information. Ms. Schwartz's goal is to answer their questions and support their decisions regarding the management of, and coping with, their familial cancer risk.

Journal Articles


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  • Donor Insemination: who should be screened for what? Tay-Sachs disease resulting from donor insemination
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Conference Papers

  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Of BRCA Testing: Assessing the Short Term impact on individuals at risk and the practice of cancer genetic counseling
    Schwartz R 2008 Jan;
  • Diagnosis of variant PKU in a child with the initial diagnosis of mild persisten hyperphenylalaninemia (MPH).
    Schwartz R 1994 Jan;
  • Genetic linkage study of Marfan syndrome with collagen genes and 41 other markers.
    Schwartz R 1990 Jan;
  • Linkage analysis of Marfan syndrome with 47 other markers.
    Schwartz R 1990 Jan;
  • An exclusion map for the Marfan syndrome (MS) locus.
    Schwartz R 1989 Jan;
  • Discordant segregation of the Type II collagen gene (COL2A1) in a family with Stickler syndrome using simple patterns of polymorphic restriction sites.
    Schwartz R 1989 Jan;
  • Genetic linkage studies in Marfan syndrome.
    Schwartz R 1989 Jan;
  • Non-allelic genetic heterogeneity in the vitreoretinal degenerations of the Stickler and Wagner types and evidence for intragenic recombination at the COL2A1 locus.
    Schwartz R 1989 Jan;
  • The use of linkage analysis using RFLP's in the heritable disorders of connective tissue.
    Schwartz R 1986 Jan;



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