Photo of Henry M. Smilowitz, Ph.D.

Henry M. Smilowitz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology
Academic Office Location:
Cell Biology
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-6125
Phone: 860-679-2710
Fax: 860-679-3693

Cell Biology Graduate Program

Neuroscience Graduate Program

a. Use of gold nanoparticles for tumor imaging, vascular imaging and as a radiation enhancer for tumor therapy.

b. Use of iron and gold nanoparticles for tumor hyperthermia

c. Development of novel brain tumor therapies for experimental, advanced, imminently lethal intracerebral malignant gliomas and melanomas in rats and mice using a combination of radiation therapy and immunotherapy.

d. Novel biomarkers in human breast cancer.

Accepting Lab Rotation Students: Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023

Lab Rotation Projects

Our laboratory is involved in a number of research projects in the fields of cancer, cancer immunotherapy, cancer therapy, tumor and vascular imaging, as can be seen by the following publications.  Please contact the Smilowitz Lab for specific projects.

1. Experimental Therapeutics of Brain Tumors: We introduce glioma or melanoma cells into rat or mouse brains and allow the tumors to occupy about 2% of the brain (analogous to human brain tumors at the time of diagnosis) before therapy is started. We first treat with a form of radiation therapy followed by a form of experimental immunotherapy under development. A variety of immunological assays are performed in addition to survival studies.   

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

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