Photo of Ernesto  Canalis, M.D.

Ernesto Canalis, M.D.

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Medicine, UConn Health
Director of Center for Skeletal Research, UConn Health
UConn Musculoskeletal Institute
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UConn Musculoskeletal Institute
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-4037
Phone: 860-679-2160
Fax: 860-679-6649

Orthopedic Surgery, UConn Musculoskeletal Institute

Skeletal Biology and Regeneration Graduate Program

Dr. Canalis is a Professor of Orthopedics and Medicine in the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute at UConn Health and Director of the Center for Skeletal Research. He is an internationally renowned expert in bone metabolism.  Dr. Canalis’ clinical interests include osteoporosis and metabolic bone disorders. He sees patients at the Center for Osteoporosis in the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute.

M.D.Universidad Peruana Cayetano HerediaMedicine

Post-Graduate Training
InternshipUConn School of MedicineInternal Medicine
ResidencyHenry Ford HospitalInternal Medicine
ResidencyUConn School of MedicineInternal Medicine
FellowshipTufts-New England Medical CenterEndocrinology

Name of Award/HonorAwarding Organization
Lawrence G. Raisz Award for Outstanding Achievements in Preclinical Translational ResearchAmerican Society for Bone and Mineral Research
Distinguished Physician Award, Medical StaffSaint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Louis V. Avioli Founders Award for Fundamental Contributions to Bone and Mineral Basic ResearchAmerican Society for Bone and Mineral Research
Marshall Urist Award for Excellence in Tissue Regeneration ResearchOrthopaedic Research Society
Gerald D. Aurbach Award for Outstanding Research in EndocrinologyEndocrine Society
MERIT AwardNational Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
Ann Doner Vaughan Kappa Delta Award for Excellence in Orthopaedic ResearchAmerican Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
UConn Health Research CouncilResearch CommitteeMemberUConn HealthUniversity2019
J. Clinical DensitometryEditorial BoardMemberExternalNational2019
Recruitment of Basic Scientist and of Director of MicroCT CoreOtherChairUConn HealthUniversity2018
National Institutes of HealthStudy SectionChairExternalInternational20162018
Shriners Hospitals for Children Research ProgramOtherGrant ReviewerExternalNational2015
NIH Center for Scientific Review, Skeletal Biology Development and Disease Study SectionStudy SectionAppointed MemberExternalInternational20142018
European Journal of EndocrinologyEditorial BoardAssociate Editor for North AmericaExternalInternational20122020
Calcified InternationalEditorial BoardExternalInternational1989

The Canalis laboratory is known for the discovery of skeletal growth factors and has pursued important investigations on the role of growth factors and their antagonists in skeletal function.  Dr. Canalis’ group has made seminal contributions to our understanding of the mechanisms of glucocorticoid action in bone in an effort to explain the pathogenesis of glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis and correct the disease.  The laboratory’s recent work has centered on factors determining osteoblast and osteoclast cell fate and function.  These investigations include studies on the role of Notch signaling and Nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) in osteoblast and osteoclast cell differentiation.  Cellular and genetically engineered mouse models are used for the research conducted by the group.  The laboratory is particularly interested in translational research and has created genetically engineered mouse models of Hajdu Cheney Syndrome and Lateral Meningocele Syndrome, devastating diseases characterized by bone loss and fractures.  The studies have allowed the team to determine mechanisms of the bone loss and are exploring ways to prevent the skeletal disease.The laboratory has been funded continuously by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since the 1981, and in 1990 received a MERIT Award from the National Institute of Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders (NIAMS).  Currently, the laboratory is funded by NIAMS and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

Accepting Lab Rotation Students: Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023

Projects available include

--Role of Hes1 in osteoclast differentiation and function
--Role of Nfat in osteoblast differentiation  and function; in vivo and in vitro studies
--Characterization of genetically engineered mice carrying Notch2 or Notch3 mutations
--Role of Notch in osteocyte function                                                                                          --Role of vascular Notch in skeletal homeostasis                                                                          --Targeting Notch mutations to reverse skeletal phenotypes 

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Role of Notch Signaling in Bone Remodeling and Skeletal Diseases
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  • Notch and its Ligands
    Zanotti, S. and Canalis, E. Principles of Bone Biology 4e 2019 Aug;21083-1112
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  • Glucocorticoid-induced Osteoporosis
    Mazziotti, G., Canalis, E. and Bilezikian, J. Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes 2018 - (In Press)
  • Notch Signaling in Skeletal Diseases
    Canalis, E. Encylopedia of Bone Biology 130-140
  • Skeletal Growth Factors
    Canalis, E. Marcus and Feldman’s Osteoporosis, 5th Edition 235-256

Conference Papers



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