Photo of Emil  Coman, Ph.D.

Emil Coman, Ph.D.

Research Associate II
Academic Office Location:
Health Disparities Institute
241 Main Street, 5th floor
Hartford, CT 06106-7030
Phone: 860-679-6213
Fax: 860-679-1434

Methods Assistance

Curriculum Vitae:

I. Evidence-Based Medicine/Information Mastery for medical residents 

- Assist residents of the Dept. of Family Medicine (Asylum Hill) in weighing medical evidence from various sources, with an emphasis on translating statistical tools used in assessing and applying such evidence in patient care.

   * Topics covered: meta-analysis; tests and treatments; measurement and analytics.

II. Graduate teaching

   * Conducted 2 semesters dissertation research - public health independent study courses on ‘Path analysis and causal modeling’ and ‘Structural equation and causal modeling’.

III. Helpful Tips and Supplementary Materials

1. -  Instrumental Variable estimation introduction. Biostatistics journal club meeting, CICATS UConn Health, Farmington, CT.

2. :-Asking causal questions through latent change/difference scores (LC/D score in SAS & …). Biostatistics journal club meeting, CICATS UConn Health, Farmington, CT.

3.  - Mplus code and output for A Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Cardiology eConsults for Medicaid Patients

4. - Mplus and Stata code for Examining Differential Resilience Mechanisms by Comparing ‘Tipping Points’ of the Effects of Neighborhood Conditions on Anxiety by Race/Ethnicity

5. – Code for The paired t-test as a simple model with a latent change score.

6.  - Mplus and SAS code for Commentary: Muthén, B., & Asparouhov, T. (2014). Causal effects in mediation modeling: An introduction with applications to latent variables.

Contact me at for detailed methods questions or requests.

Journal Articles

Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Modeling health disparities with a unique combinations of 1-on-1 matching and latent difference and latent change scores; Coman, E. N., Wilson, C., Melville, A., & Fifield, J. [download: ]TalkModern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference2018Storrs, CT
A methodical review of the causal role of socioeconomic determinants of health disparities; Coman, E. N., Wu. H., & Assari, S. [download: ]TalkModern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference2018Storrs, CT