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Mallika Ghosh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology
Center for Vascular Biology
Academic Office Location:
Cell Biology
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue, L5007
Farmington, CT 06030-3501
Phone: 860-679-1189
Fax: 860-679-1201

Cell Biology Graduate Program

B.Sc.Calcutta UniversityChemistry
M.Sc.Calcutta UniversityBiochemistry
Ph.D.Indian Institute of Chemical BiologyBiochemistry

Post-Graduate Training
FellowshipCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)Junior Research Fellowship
FellowshipCouncil of Scientific and Industrial ResearchSenior Research Fellowship
PostdoctoralWayne State University School of MedicinePostdoctoral Fellow
PostdoctoralWayne State UniversityMolecular Biology
PostdoctoralCenter for Microbial Pathogenesis, University of Connecticut Health CenterPostdoctoral Fellow
PostdoctoralUniversity of Connecticut Health CenterCell Biology
PostdoctoralCenter for Vascular Biology, University of Connecticut Health CenterPostdoctoral Fellow

Name of Award/HonorAwarding Organization
Selected and invited for joining the PAIR-UP workshop as a PAIR-UP Affiliate hosted by Rockefeller University, part of the American Society for Cell Biology. The role of an Affiliate is to support the goals of PAIR-UP to advance imaging research, imaging workshops; research funds for novel, collaborative research projects using advanced imaging techniques; and professional development workshops to improve the work environment for Black research scientists.American Society for Cell Biology
Invention disclosure- Therapeutic agents for the treatment of cell-cell fusion-related pathologies. Inventors- Mallika Ghosh, Ivo Kalajzic, Linda Shapiro Submitted in 2021.Technology Commercialization Services Internship Program,UCONN
The 20 Most-Frequently Read Articles in The Journal of Immunology December 2020 thru November 2021 Based on full-text and pdf views. Coronavirus Receptors as Immune ModulatorsCharan Kumar V. Devarakonda, Emily Meredith, Mallika Ghosh and Linda H. Shapiro J Immunol 206 (5) 923-929; March 1, 2021Journal of Immunology
Research Excellance Program- CD13 as a target for controlling myeloid cell fusion for AY2021-2022. Multi-PI. Mallika Ghosh, Joseph Lorenzo, Ivo Kalajzic,Alix Deymier and Linda Shapiro.OVPR-UCONN
Invention disclosure application- submitted in October 2020. Results awaited. Title of invention-Regulation of osteoclast fusion events through modulation of CD13/Aminopeptidase N Inventors- Mallika Ghosh, Ivo Kalajzic and Linda ShapiroTCS and OVPR-UCONN
Ms. Emily Meredith, a graduate student in Dr. Linda Shapiro's lab, whom I co-supervise/mentor won the outstanding Poster award at NAVBO, 2020.North American Vascular Biology Organization
My summer undergraduate student Reileigh Fleeher was awarded first prize for the best overall poster at the Innovation Research Day, UCONN Health Center, 2019Partnership in Innovation and Education
My recent publication in Science Signaling journal describing CD13’s role in molecular movement was highlighted in The UConn Today. The story is published here: Today
Early career faculty travel award-2012-2018American Association of Immunogists
Travel award for Gordon Research ConferenceAthersclerosis
Travel Award for the 9th Annual Winter Eicosanoid ConferenceNIEHS/NIH
Judge for Best Poster Award9th Annual Winter Eicosanoid Conference
Travel Award for the 8th Annual Winter Eicosanoid ConferenceNIEHS/NIH
Outstanding Research AwardWayne State University
Ray K. Brown AwardWayne State University
Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
International Journal of Molecular SciencesEditorial BoardGuest EditorExternalInternational2022
2022-2023 -Biomedical Sciences PhD program Admissions Committe. Review applications for the 2022 Biomedical Sciences PhD program. Interview and evaluate applicants and attend meetings with other members of the committee.Education CommitteeCommittee member, advisor and reviewerUConn HealthUniversity2020
Journal Editor- Oxidative Medicine and Cellular LongevityEditorial BoardEditorExternalInternational2019
USMLE item writing and review committees to review, revise, and help develop questions across the COrE courses within Stage 1 of the curriculum with Dr. Thomas M MangerEducation CommitteeReviewerUConn HealthUniversity2018
Supervisor and Mentor for UCONN Undergraduates (PIE/TIP program)-University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, CTResearch CommitteeAdvisor and MentorExternalRegional20182018
American Society for Cell BiologyProfessional/Scientific JournalMemberExternalNational2018
Drop-in Editor with Dr. Caroline DealyEducation CommitteeEditorUConn HealthUniversity20182019
Research Histology and Molecular Core Facility Advisory Committee with Dr. Kevin ClaffeyAdvisory CommitteeAdvisorUConn HealthUniversity20182018
Student Research Task Force Member, American Heart Association Founders Committee for medical and undergraduate fellowships with FDA Research Engagement Committee and Chairperson, Dr. Elizabeth Harrington, Professor of Medicine at Brown University, Student Research Task Force.Education CommitteeReviewerExternalNational2017
Supervisor and Mentor for UCONN Undergraduates (Health Research Program, Summer Innovation Fellows partnership programsResearch CommitteeAdvisor and MentorUConn-StorrsUniversity20172019
Mentor for High school student research apprentice programResearch CommitteeAdvisor and MentorExternalRegional20172017
Graduate student thesis committee advisor and mentor in the Center for Vascular Biology and Biomedical EngineeringAdvisory CommitteeAdvisor and MentorUConn HealthUniversity2017
American Association of ImmunologyProfessional/Scientific JournalMemberExternalNational2014
Manuscript reviewer for peer reviewed journals- Journal of Pathology, PLOS ONE, Frontiers in Immunology, JOVE, Molecular and Cellular Oncology, Communications Biology, Journal of Experimental Cell Research, Arthritis & Rheumatology, Prostaglandins and other lipid mediators.Professional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalInternational2008

Not accepting lab rotation students at this time

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Microbial resistance mechanisms for heavy metals and metalloids
    Ghosh, Mallika and Rosen, BP Heavy Metals in the Environment 2002 Jan;531-548


  • Coronavirus Receptors as Immune Modulators.
    Devarakonda CKV, Meredith E, Ghosh M, Shapiro LH Journal of Immunology 2021 Mar;206(5):923-929
  • Coronavirus Receptors as Immune Modulators.
    Devarakonda, Charan Kumar V; Meredith, Emily; Ghosh, Mallika; Shapiro, Linda H Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 2020 Dec;
Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Role of CD13 in Macrophage Giant Cell Fusion Authors- Fraser Mcgurk and Mallika GhoshPosterFall Frontiers, University of Connecticut2022UCONN, STORRS
Proteoglycan 4 (PRG4) regulates NF-?B activation in human corneal epithelial cells through suppression of ubiquitin-like modifier: HLA-F Adjacent transcript number 10 (FAT10). Authors- Nikhil G Menon; Yasir Suhail; Kshitiz Gupta; Gregory Jay; Linda Shapiro; Rachel Redfern; Mallika Ghosh; Tannin A SchmidtTalkAssociation for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology2022Denver, Colorado
The role of CD13 in macrophage giant cell fusion. Author- Fraser Mcgurk and Mallika GhoshPosterHRP research presentation2022UCONN Health
CD13 differentially regulates the formation of cellular protrusions. Contributors-Emily Meredith, Mallika Ghosh and Linda ShapiroTalkWesUAGro2021Wesleyan University
CD13 is a Critical Regulator of Cell-cell Communication via Tunneling Nanotubes. Contributors- Emily Meredith, Mallika Ghosh and Linda Shapiro.PosterThe American Society for Cell Biology2021Virtual
CD13 is a Critical Regulator of Cell-cell Communication via Tunneling Nanotubes. Contributors- Emily Meredith, Mallika Ghosh and Linda ShapiroPosterNorth American Vascular Biology Organization2021Virtual
CD13 is a negative regulator of myeloid cell fusion. Contributors- Mallika Ghosh and Linda ShapiroPosterThe American Society for Cell Biology2021Virtual
CD13 differentially regulates the formation of cellular protrusions. Contributors- Emily Meredith, Mallika Ghosh and Linda ShapiroPosterNorth American Vascular Biology Organization2020Virtual
CD13 differentially regulates the formation of cellular protrusions. Contributors- Emily Meredith, Mallika Ghosh and Linda ShapiroPosterAmerican Society of Cell Biology2020Virtual
Transmembrane peptidase CD13 is a negative regulator of cell-cell fusion in osteoclastogenesis. Contributors- Mallika Ghosh, Ivo Kalajzic, Hector L Aguila and Linda ShapiroPosterAmerican Society for Cell Biology2020Virtual
Proteoglycan 4 expression and function under dry eye associated conditions. Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. Contributors- Schmidt, Tannin ; Mennon, Nikhil ; Lema, Carolina ; Goyal, Ruchi ; Jay, Gregory ; Shapiro, Linda ; Ghosh, Mallika ; Redfern, RachelPosterAssociation for Research in Vision and Opthalmology2020Virtual
CD13 in cell-cell and cell-ECM communication and signaling. Presenter- Mallika GhoshTalkVascular Biology Retreat2019Farmington, Connecticut
Mechanism of CD13 Mediated Tunneling Nanotube Formation in Endothelial Cells. Contributors- Reileigh Fleeher, Linda Shapiro and Mallika GhoshPosterUCONN Summer 2019 Health Research Program2019UCONN Health Center
CD13 is a Critical Regulator of Cell-cell Communication via Tunneling Nanotubes. Contributors- Meredith Emily, Ghosh Mallika, Shapiro LindaPosterAmerican Society for Cell Biology2019Washington D.C
CD13 in cell-cell communication and signaling Mallika GhoshTalkCenter for Vascular Biology Research Retreat2019Farmington, CT
CD13 Promotes Tunneling Nanotube Formation and Cell-cell Communication in Human Endothelial Cells and Mouse Primary Macrophages Brian Aguilera, Linda Shapiro and Mallika GhoshTalk17th Annual New England Science Symposium & Harvard Medical School2019Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Regulation of b1 Integrin Recycling, Cell Migration and Focal Adhesion Turnover by Cell Adhesion molecule- CD13 Ghosh M, Thangada S, Devarakonda C and Shapiro LHTalkAmerican Association of Immunology2018Austin, Tx
Role of CD13 in Renal Proximal Tubular Handling of Albumin Lo R, Gerber C, Shearier E, Ghosh M, Shapiro LHPosterAmerican Society of Nephrology2018San Diego, CA
A Novel Role for CD13 in Mediating Intercellular Transfer via Tunneling nanotubes Alexa Taylor and Mallika Ghosh Innovation Fellows Research DayTalkPIE (Partnership in Innovation & Education)2018UCONN Health Center
CD13 is a critical regulator of beta1 Integrin recycling, cell migration and focal adhesion turnover Ghosh M and Shapiro LHPosterAmerican Society for Cell Biology2017Philadelphia, PA
Focal Adhesion Dynamics and beta1 Integrin Signal Transduction, Endocytosis and Recycling are Regulated by CD13 Ghosh M and Shapiro LHPosterGordon Research Conference2016Andover, NH
CD13 Restricts TLR4 Endocytic Signal Transduction in Inflammation Ghosh M, Rahman MM, Subramani J and Shapiro LHTalkAmerican Association of Immunology2015New Orleans, LA
CD13 Restricts TLR4 Endocytic Signal Transduction in Inflammation Ghosh M, Subramani J, Rahman MM and Shapiro LHPosterKeystone Conference on Dendritic Cell Biology2014Keystone CO
CD13 regulates dendritic cell cross-presentation and T cell responses by inhibiting receptor-mediated antigen uptake Ghosh M, McAuliffe B, Subramani J, Basu S, Shapiro LHTalkAmerican Association of Immunology2012Boston, MA
Trafficking and functional roles of myeloid cells lacking CD13 in inflammatory diseases Ghosh M, Vernier K, Rahman MM, Subramani J, McAuliffe B, Basu S, Shapiro LHPosterGordon Research Conference2011Newport, RI