Photo of Daniel  McNally, M.D.

Daniel McNally, M.D.

Professor of Medicine
Director, Sleep Disorders Center
Academic Office Location:
Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-1321
Phone: 860-679-8300
Fax: 860-679-8344

Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

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B.A.Catholic University of AmericaBiology
M.D.University of Connecticut School of MedicineMedicine

Post-Graduate Training
ResidencySaint Francis Hospital and Medical CenterInternal Medicine
FellowshipUniversity of Connecticut School of MedicinePulmonary Medicine
Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
Mortality ReviewOthermemberUConn HealthUniversity2016
Health Information Management CommitteeOtherchairUConn HealthLocal2016
Clinical CouncilOthervoting memberUConn HealthUniversity2015
Health Information ManagementmemberUConn HealthUniversity2012
Health Information Management Policy SubcommitteechairUConn HealthUniversity20122016
Health Information Management Informatics subcommitteememberUConn HealthUniversity20122016
Health Center Appeals Committee substitute memberUConn HealthLocal20122012
Department of Medicine Chair Search Committee UConn HealthUniversity20102011
Oversight Committee ChairUConn HealthUniversity20092010
Oversight CommitteeMemberUConn HealthUniversity20082015
Representative to Academic Affair Committee/Board of Directors RepresentativeOtherUniversity20082010
Electronic Health Information Management Steering Committee UConn HealthUniversity20052011
Clinical Systems Oversight Committee UConn HealthUniversity20042012
Clinical Compensation Committee UConn HealthUniversity20032009
Physician Oversite Committee for Physician Order Entry UConn HealthUniversity20032011
Clinical Information Technology Planning Committee UConn HealthUniversity20012005
Joint Conference Committee UConn HealthUniversity20012002
Joint Conference Committee UConn HealthUniversity19992000
Alzheimer’s FoundationJournal ReviewerNational19992000
Clinical Governance Committee, Compensation Subcommittee UConn HealthUniversity19972001
Clinical Governance Committee Elected memberUConn HealthUniversity19972000
Hospital Information Systems Security Committee UConn HealthUniversity19971998
Connecticut Thoracic SocietyChair, Section on SleepOtherState19971998
Clinical Governance Committee, Operations Subcommittee UConn HealthUniversity19962002
Documentation Work Redesign Implementation Team UConn HealthUniversity19961998
UCONN Health System Value Analysis Team UConn HealthUniversity19961998
Chairman UCONN Health System Documentation Work Redesign ChairmanUConn HealthUniversity19951996
Chairman, Medical records committee ChairmanUConn HealthUniversity19952012
Electronic Medical Records Implementation Committee ChairpersonUConn HealthUniversity19951998
Medical Specialties Module Lead physicianUConn HealthUniversity1995
Connecticut Thoracic SocietyVice Chair, Section on SleepOtherState19951997
Connecticut Thoracic SocietyVice Chair, Section on SleepState19951997
Chairman UCONN Health System Taskforce on the Medical Record ChairmanUConn HealthUniversity1994
Homeostasis Curriculum Steering Committee UConn HealthUniversity19941997
Connecticut Thoracic SocietyChair Section on Critical CareOtherState19941994
Connecticut Thoracic SocietyChair Section on Critical CareState19941995
Connecticut Poison Control Center Advisor Board UConn HealthUniversity1992
Medicine representative to Medical School Council UConn HealthUniversity19921993
Reviewer for Journal: Archives of Internal Medicine ReviewerOtherInternational19921992
Connecticut Thoracic Society, Critical Care SectionProgram CommitteeOtherInternational19921993
Archives of Internal MedicineJournal ReviewerNational19921993
Connecticut Thoracic Society, Critical Care SectionProgram CommitteeState19921993
Reviewer for Journal: Connecticut Medicine ReviewerExternalState19911991
Ethics Committee Acting ChairmanUConn HealthUniversity19901992
Hospital Automated Patient Care Committee UConn HealthUniversity19901991
Hospital Product Review and Standardization Committee UConn HealthUniversity19891996
Preclinical Operating Committee UConn HealthUniversity19881991
Reviewer for Journal: Connecticut Medicine ReviewerExternalState19881988
Fellowship Education CommitteeEducation CommitteechairUConn HealthLocal19881994
Hospital Information Systems UConn HealthUniversity19871989
Telemetry Coordinating Committee UConn HealthUniversity19871995
Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education UConn HealthUniversity19861988
CUME subcommittee on National Board Performance UConn HealthUniversity19861987
Department of Medicine QA committee UConn HealthUniversity19851997
Ethics committee Acting ChairmanUConn HealthUniversity19851985
Invited, nonvoting attendee for Medical Board UConn HealthUniversity19852004
Medical-Nursing Liaison Committee UConn HealthUniversity19841985
Reviewer for Journal: Respiratory Care ReviewerExternalInternational19841985
Respiratory CareJournal ReviewerNational19841985
Committee on Academic Environment (Medical School Council) UConn HealthUniversity19831984
Ethics CommitteeUConn HealthUniversity1983
ICU operating Committee UConn HealthUniversity1982
Medicine House staff Committee UConn HealthUniversity19821989
Connecticut Lung Association Committee of Grants and Awards ExternalState19821984
Connecticut Lung Association Committee of Grants and Awards State19821984
CPR committee ChairUConn HealthUniversity1981
John Dempsey Critical Care Committee UConn HealthUniversity19811989
Medicine representative to Medical School Council UConn HealthUniversity19811987
Chairman, Connecticut Lung Association Committee on EmergencyMember Services StandardsExternalState19811983
Connecticut Lung Association Committee on Emergency Medical Services standards ChairmanState19811983
Rehabilitation Advisory Committee UConn HealthUniversity19801995
Rehabilitation Advisory Committee UConn HealthUniversity19801995
Fellowship Education CommitteeEducation CommitteememberUConn HealthLocal1980

Journal Articles


Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Lung and agingLectureCenter on Aging2016UCHC
Sleep and agingLectureCenter on Aging2016UCHC
Mechanical VentilationLecturePulmonary2016UCHC
Year in Review on SleepLectureIntercity Conference2016UCHC
Pulmonary function testingLecturePulmonary2016UCHC
Narcolepsy - Current Clinical MedicineLectureMedicine2016UCHC
Sleepy TeensLectureWest Hartford schools PTO2016
Trials and Tribulations of Shift Work: the clock never stops tickingLecturePulmonary/CCM intercity2015UCHC
DeliriumLecturePulmonary/CCM intercity2015UCHC
Things that go bump in the nightLectureDepartment of Medicine2015UCHC
How to Order CPAPLectureDepartment of Medicine2014UCHC
The problem of sleepy driversLectureDivision of Occupational Medicine2014UCHC
Sleep and circadian rhythmsOtherCT radio information service for the blind2014Hartford
Sleepiness and automobile crashesLectureIntercity Conference2014UCHC
Adaptive Servo VentilationLectureIntercity Conference2014
Working with adolescents in the sleep labTalkTechnician Continuing Education2014UCHC
Critical Care EndocrinologyLectureDepartment of Surgery2013St. Francis Hospital
Reducing COPD readmissions / Current Clinical Medicine programLectureDepartment of Medicine2013UCHC
Efforts to reduce central line associated blood stream infectionsLectureIntercity conference2013UCHC
To Swan or not to Swan...LectureIntercity conference2013UCHC
Shift WorkLectureSleep case conference2013UCHC
Upper Airway Resistance SyndromeLectureSleep case conference2013UCHC
Pulmonary Function Testing: what we measureLectureDepartment of Medicine Grand Rounds2012UCHC
Pulmonary Function Testing: what questions can it answerLectureDepartment of Medicine Grand Rounds2012UCHC
Social Security DisabilityLectureDepartment of Medicien Grand Rounds2012UCHC
Pulmonary Function TestingLectureMiddlesex Hospital 2012Middlesex Hospital
Alcohol WithdrawalLectureCritical Care Intercity Conference2012UCHC
Diffusion Capacity LecturePulmonary Case Confernce2012UCHC
To Swan or not to SwanLecturePulmonary / Critical Care Intercity Conference2012UCHC
Perioperative management of sleep apnea patientsLectureSleep Case Conference2012UCHC
Measurement of diffusion capacityLectureFellows' didactics2012UCHC
Sleep, or lack thereof...TalkDepartment of Medicine2011UCHC
Interstitial Lung DiseaseTalkDepartment of Medicine2011UCHC
Discovery Series: SleepTalkUCONN Health Center2011UCHC
Sepsis and SteroidsTalkPulmonary/CCM Intercity2011UCHC
Sleep and Medication effectsTalkSleep Case Conference2011UCHC
Polysomnographic artifactsTalkSleep Case Conference2011UCHC
Central apneaTalkSleep Case Conference2011UCHC
Shift Worker SurvivalLectureDepartment of Medicine Grand Rounds2011UCHC
Lemierre's syndromeLecturePulmonary Critical Care / Intercity2011
Pulmonary Devices: What you need to know about the hardwareLectureAdvanced in Internal Medicine2011UCHC
Respiratory FailureTalkDepartment of Medicine2010UCHC
The problem CPAP patientTalkPulmonary/CCM Intercity2010UCHC