Photo of Ga Hie  Nam, M.D.

Ga Hie Nam, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Academic Office Location:
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-3985

Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Services

M.D.Dalhousie UniversityMedicine

Post-Graduate Training
Brown Medical School/Rhode Island HospitalCombined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (2016-2020)
Brown Medical School/Rhode Island HospitalChief, Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (2018-2020)

General Surgical Pathology
Gynecologic Pathology
Breast Pathology
Genitourinary Pathology

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Spinal Cord Anatomy.
    Choi D, Nam G, Groh D, Syed S, Fridley J. Spinal Cord Tumors. 2018 Jan;
  • Lower Extremity Peripheral Neuropathies in the Rehabilitation Patient.
    Nam G, Choi D. Comprehensive Pain Management in the Rehabilitation Patient. 2017 Jan;pp 827-840.
  • Upper Extremity Peripheral Neuropathies in the Rehabilitation Patient.
    Nam G, Choi D. Comprehensive Pain Management in the Rehabilitation Patient. 2017 Jan;pp 803-826.


Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Growing Fibroadenoma: A Retrospective Review of 21 cases at a Tertiary Healthcare Institution. (Nam G, Gorbounov M, Donegan L, Ward R, Yakirevich E, Wang YH.)PosterUSCAP2020Los Angeles, CA
Extramammary Metastases to the Breast: A Series of 17 Cases with Clinicopathologic Characterization. (Nam G, Yakirevich E, Wang YH.)PosterUSCAP2020Los Angeles, CA
Reappraisal of Impact of Multiple Hematoxylin and Eosin Level Examination on Breast Cancer Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis Detection and Pathologic Staging. (Singh K, Nam G, Sun Y, Sung J, Quddus MR)PosterUSCAP2020Los Angeles, CA, USA
Altered Mammary Myoepithelial Cell Immunophenotype Secondary to Recent Surgery-Related Reparative Changes: Hitherto Unreported Finding with Diagnostic Implications. (Nam G, Singh K, Lee FY, Hansen K.)PosterCAP2019
An Institutional Assessment of Using Radiofrequency Identification Tag Localization in Excision of Breast Tumors and Margin Comparison with Wire Localization. (Riviere S, Nam G, Singh K, Ward R, Wang YH.)PosterCAP2019
Impact of Endometrial Intraepithelial Neoplasia (WHO2014) Terminology Adoption: 4-year Experience at a Single Institution with Follow-Up. (Nam G, Singh K, Hansen K, Sung CJ, Quddus MR.)TalkUSCAP2019National Harbor, MD
“Amyloidogenic High-Risk HPV” in Localized Amyloidosis Associated with Classic- Type High- Grade Vulvar Squamous Intraepithelial Neoplasia. (Islam KMS, Nam G, Singh K, Hansen K, Sung CJ, Quddus MR.)PosterUSCAP2019National Harbor, MD
A 65 year old with a multifibroid uterus on ultrasound; previously unreported morphologic variant of an endometrioid carcinoma resembling PEComa (Nam G, Ulici V, Singh K, Wu E, Lawrence DW.)PosterRhode Island Society of Pathologist (RISP)2019Rhode Island
Performance and Utility of Invasive Breast Cancer Oncotype Dx Testing on Core Needle Biopsies. (Nam G, Singh K, Lopresti ML, Ouseph MM, Wang LJ, Wang YH)PosterUSCAP2019National Harbor, MD
Mass Forming cholesteroloma of the Breast: a Case Series of 43 Patients with Radiology. (Nam G, Singer TM, Lourenco A, Wang YH)PosterUSCAP2018Vancouver, Canada
Immune Microenvironment Markers (PD-L1, WARS, IDO) and Clinical Outcomes in Mucinous Lung Adenocarcinomas. (Nam G, Hui Y, Edmund L, Lombardo KA, Uzun E, Patel NR, Garcia-Moliner M, Lu SL, Wang LJ)PosterUSCAP2018Vancouver, Canada
Squamous Morules with Central Necrosis in Endometrial Biopsies: A Clinicopathologic Follow-Up Study. (Nam G, Hui Y, Xiong JJ, Singh K, Sung CJ, Lawrence WD, Quddus MR)PosterUSCAP2018Vancouver, Canada