Photo of Archana  Sanjay, Ph.D.

Archana Sanjay, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Orthopedic Surgery
Vice Chair, Graduate Programs Committee
Academic Office Location:
Orthopedic Surgery
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-5456
Phone: 860-679-4649
Fax: 860-679-2109

Skeletal Biology and Regeneration Graduate Program

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Post-Graduate Training
FellowshipCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research Government of IndiaResearch Fellowship
PostdoctoralNYU Medical CenterPostdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Dr. Gert Kreibich, Research Area: Analysis of structural-functional relationship of the oligosaccharyltransferase complex
FellowshipArthritis FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowship
PostdoctoralYale University School of MedicinePostdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Dr. Roland Baron, Research Area: Analysis of role of tyrosine kinases and their substrates in osteoclast function

Name of Award/HonorAwarding Organization
Fellow of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)Fellow of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)
Travel AwardEuropean Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS)
Travel AwardInternational Bone Mineral Society (IBMS)
Travel AwardAmerican Society of Bone and Mineral Research
Merit ListIndore University, Indore Indiaa
Merit ListJiwaji University, Gwalior India
Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
Current Osteoporosis ReportsEditorial BoardSection Editor for Orthopedic Management of FracturesExternalInternational2023
Education CouncilAdvisory CommitteeMemberUConn HealthUniversity2023
Graduate Faculty CouncilAdvisory CommitteeUConn-StorrsUniversity2022
NIH/NIAMS (ZRG1 F10B-B(20) (Fellowship) and ZRG1 MOSS-B(82)A (R15)Study SectionReviewerExternalNational20212021
Skeletal Biology and Regeneration (SBR) Graduate ProgramEducation CommitteeDirectorUConn HealthUniversity20192022
Skeletal Biology and Regeneration Graduate ProgramEducation CommitteeDirectorUConn HealthUniversity20192022
NIH, NIAMS Skeletal Biology and Structure and Regeneration Study SectionStudy SectionAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational20092009
Dean's Task Force For Strategic Planning, Temple University School of MedicineAdvisory CommitteeMemberExternalUniversity20082012
US-Israel Bi-National FoundationProfessional/Scientific OrganizationAd Hoc Reviewer (Grants)ExternalInternational20072007
Internal Research Advisory Committee, Temple UniversityAdvisory CommitteeMemberExternalUniversity20072012
Veterans AdministrationProfessional/Scientific OrganizationAd Hoc Reviewer (Grants)ExternalNational20062006
BoneProfessional/Scientific JournalAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational2005
Journal of Cellular PhysiologyProfessional/Scientific JournalAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational2005
Biological Processes OnlineProfessional/Scientific JournalAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational2005
Matrix BiologyProfessional/Scientific JournalAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational2005
BloodProfessional/Scientific JournalAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational2005
FEBS JProfessional/Scientific JournalAd Hoc ReviewerExternalNational2005
American Society of Cell BiologyProfessional/Scientific OrganizationMemberExternalNational1999
American Society of Bone and Mineral ResearchProfessional/Scientific OrganizationMemberExternalNational1999
International Bone and Mineral SocietyProfessional/Scientific OrganizationMemberExternalInternational1999

Accepting Lab Rotation Students: 
Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Cells in the Regulation of Bone Metabolism
    Grcevic, D, Sanjay, A, Lorenzo, J Encyclopedia of Bone Biology 2020 Jun;
  • Origin and Differentiation of Osteoclasts
    Sanjay, A, Charles, J Encyclopedia of Bone Biology 2020 Jun;
  • Regulating Bone Resorption: Targeting Integrins, Calcitonin Receptor, and Cathepsin K
    Horne WC, Duong L, Sanjay A, Baron R Principles of Bone Biology Vol.I 2009 Jan;221
  • The roles of c-Cbl and Cbl-b In bone: Multiple functions of Cbl proteins in a complex tissue
    Horne WC, Bruzzaniti A, Itzstein C, Sanjay A, Baron R Cbl proteins 2008 Jan;
  • The role of Src, Cbl and Pyk2 in vitronectin receptor-mediated adhesion in osteoclasts
    Sanjay A, Baron R Molecular Biology of Orhtopaedics 2002 Jan;221-228
  • Integrin and calcitonin receptor signaling in the regulation of the cytoskeleton and function of the osteoclast
    Duong LT, Sanjay A, Horne WC, Baron R, Rodan G Principles of Bone Biologyaedics Vol. I 2001 Jan;141


  • Src-mediated Cbl PI3-Kinase interaction required for osteoclast function
    Sanjay A Calcified Tissue International 2007 Jan;80(S38):
  • Cbl and Cbl-b affect RANK surface expression and bone resorption differently
    Sanjay A, Nakajima A, Itzstein, C, Horne WC, Baron R J Bone Miner Res 2006 Jan;S23
  • Cbl down regulates osteoclast activity through tyrosine kinase-binding domain-dependent interactions
    Itzstein C, Sanjay A, Neff L, Horne WC, Baron R J Bone Miner Res 2005 Jan;20(S84):

Conference Papers

  • Cbl regulates the availability of PI3K which affects not only osteoclast function but also its survival
    Adapala N, Barbe M, Langdon WY, Tsygankov AY, Sanjay A 2009 Jan;
  • Cbl-PI3K Interaction Regulates Osteoclast Function, Differentiation and Survival
    Adapala N, Barbe M, Amin M, Safadi FF, Popoff SN, Sanjay A 2008 Jan;
  • Specific down regulation of platelet responses to the GPVI collagen receptor by TULA-2, a novel protein phosphatase
    Dafydd CA, Kim S., Dangelmaier CA, Newman, TN, Sanjay A, Daniel JL, Kunapuli, SP, Tsygankov AY 2008 Jan;
  • Differential signaling role for c-Cbl in GPVI-dependent platelet functional responses
    Daniel JL, Dangelmaier C, Kim S, Bhavaraju K, Sanjay A and Kunapuli SP 2007 Jan;


Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Lgr6 regulates multiple pathways during osteoblastogenesisPosterASBMR Annual Meeting2023Vancouver, Canada
Inhibition of Dot1L histone methyltransferase activity promotes osteogenic differentiationPosterASBMR2023Vancouver, Canada
Lgr6 modulates osteogenesis through differential pathways activationPosterORS2023
R-spondin-2 Is a Contextual Regulator of Fracture HealingPosterORS2023Dallas,TX
Loss of Stem Cell Marker and Wnt-associated Protein Lgr6 Results in Osteoblast-Specific Defects in Fracture HealingOtherASBMR2021San Diego , CA
Cbl Proteins and Skeletal BiologyTalkMusculoskeletal Day, UConn Musculoskeletal Institute, UConn Health2011Farmington, CT
Identification of the role of TULA-2, a novel phosphatase in bone remodelingPosterAmerican Physician Scientists Association (ASCP)2010Chicago, IL
Signaling mechanisms regulating osteoclast functionTalkJefferson University2010Philadelphia, PA
Signaling Events in OsteoclastsTalkUniversity of Delaware2010Newark, DE
The distinct roles of Cbl and Cbl-b in osteoclast differentiation, survival and function are due to unique phosphorylation-dependent interaction of Cbl with PI3KPosterAmerican Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)2010Toronto, Canada
Ovariectomy Induced Bone Loss in Mice Requires Intact Cbl-PI3K InteractionPosterAmerican Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)2010Toronto, Canada
Delineating the role of c-Cbl protein in platelet outside-in signalingPosterHemostasis Gordon Research Conference2010NH
Role of Src and Src-substrates in osteoclast functionTalkSignaling Group, Thrombosis Center, Temple University2005Philadelphia, PA
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