Photo of Mary E. Snayd, M.D.

Mary E. Snayd, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine
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Academic Office Location:
Infectious Diseases
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-8076

Infectious Diseases

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B.S.Northeastern UniversityBiology, Spanish
M.D.St. George's University School of MedicineMedicine

Post-Graduate Training
ResidencyUConn School of MedicineInternal Medicine
FellowshipUConn School of MedicineInfectious Diseases

Journal Articles

Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Fosfomycin Resistance among Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae Clinical Isolates in Connecticut. Snayd M, Leung V, Maloney M, Durante AJ, Macierowski B, Noel D, Muyombwe A, Razeq JH, Banach DB. Connecticut Infectious Disease Society. Poster Presentation. 2018.Poster2018
Misidentification of Candida auris Using A Commercial, Manual Biochemical Enzyme-Based Rapid Identification System. American Society of Microbiology Microbe Conference. Poster Presentation. 2018Poster2018
Appropriateness and Clinical Outcomes of Urinary Testing in Non- Catheterized Patients in the Emergency Department. Khurana A, Snayd M, Corredine T, Lynch S, Socha J, Wiskirchen D, Wu U, Naut E.University of Connecticut: Quality Improvement Dean's Symposium. Poster Presentation. 2016.Poster2016
Electronic Sepsis Alerts and a Supplemental Care Team and its Impact on Patient Outcomes: A prospective study. Wang X, Kowlgi N, Kapila N, Considine B, Mangardich A, Patel N, Kamillaris C, Snayd M, Puri S,Nadler E, Perucki W, Ozimek J, Cruz L, Chhabra J, Premkumar P.University of Connecticut: Quality Improvement Dean's Symposium.Poster Presentation. 2016.Poster2016
The Influence of Electronic Sepsis Alerts on Length of Stay and Mortality: A retrospective analysis. No D, Siddiqui S, Kowlgi N, Kapila N, Mangardich A, Patel N, Kamillaris C, Snayd M, Puri S, Considine B,Wang X, Nadler E, Perucki W, Stephenson R, Wade S, Ordoveza M,Ozimek J, Cruz L, Pascanu R, Focazio C, Salberg J, Zanoria C, Ohri P,Hammad F, Senatore F, Szczepanczyk P, Chirayath L, Brar N, ChhabraJ, Premkumar P. University of Connecticut: Quality Improvement Dean's Symposium.Poster2016
Microbial Growth in Vinyl Chloride Contaminated Groundwater. Garbarino K, Snayd M, Kemen S, Begley G. Eastern New England Biology Conference, Simmons College. Poster PresentationPoster2006