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Helen Swede, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences
Program Director, Ph.D. in Public Health
Academic Office Location:
Public Health Sciences
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-6325
Phone: 860-679-5568
Fax: 860-679-5463
B.A.State University of New YorkLiberal Arts
M.S.State University of New YorkIndustrial/Systems Engineering
Ph.D.State University of New YorkEpidemiology

Post-Graduate Training
FellowshipRoswell Park Cancer Institute, National Cancer InstituteNational Cancer Institute, Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Training Grant (R25CA1820)
FellowshipRoswell Park Cancer InstituteMolecular Epidemiology
PostdoctoralRoswell Park Cancer Institute, National Cancer InstitutePost-Doctoral Fellow, Molecular Epidemiology, NCI Core Grant (P30CA16056)

Name of Award/HonorAwarding Organization
Olympus Award, Platform Talk (Senior Author)American College of Gastroenterology
Best Practices Award (Poster)NBCC Training Conference
Young Investigator Scholar AwardAmerican Association for Cancer Research
Graduate Student Research PrizeNew York State Public Health Association
Appointed Member, Corporate Patent Initiative. 1992-1994Eastman Kodak Company
Xerox Team Excellence Award, Honorable Mention, Design of Touch-Screen InterfaceXerox
Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
BMC Cancer JournalEditorial BoardAssociate EditorExternalNational20112016
CICATS Biostatistics GroupProfessional/Scientific OrganizationMember UConn HealthUniversity2011
CICATS Obesity SIGProfessional/Scientific OrganizationMember UConn HealthUniversity2011
Undergraduate Public Health Education CommitteeAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthUniversity2009
Trainee Research Program Committee, CICATSAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthUniversity20092011
Public Issues CouncilAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthUniversity20082011
Young Survivor Coalition, New York CityAdvisory CommitteeScientific AdvisorExternalState2008
Statewide Biobank Advisory Committee, Connecticut Dept of Public HealthAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalState20082009
City of Hartford Task Force on Cancer PreventionAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthLocal20082010
Study Section, NCI Small Grant Program in Epidemiology (R03) Study SectionAd Hoc MemberExternalNational2007
Scientific Advisory Panel, Statewide Biobank Feasibility Study, CT DPH Advisory CommitteeMemberExternalState2007
NCI Small Grant Program in Epidemiology, NIH STUDY SECTIONStudy SectionAd hoc MemberExternalNational2007
Faculty Seminar Series, Dept of Community MedicineAdvisory CommitteeOrganizerUConn HealthUniversity20072008
Curriculum Committee, MPH ProgramAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthUniversity2007
Data Safety Monitoring Board, Phase II Study of Carboplatin and Paclitaxel in Ovarian, Fallopian Tube or Peritoneal CarcinomAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthUniversity20072009
Expert Panel, Biobank Feasibility Study: A Report to the Commissioner of Public HealthAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalState20072007
Colon Cancer Prevention ProgramAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthUniversity2006
Advisory Panel, Virtual Office of Genomics, Dept of Public Health, State of CTAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalState20052006
Board of Directors, Connecticut Cancer Partnership, CDC-funded State Cancer ControlAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalState20042007
Office of Genomics, CT DPH Professional/Scientific OrganizationAdvisory BoardExternalState20032006
Genetics Planning Team, Dept of Public Health, State of ConnecticutAdvisory CommitteeMember UConn HealthNational20032006
Data and Evaluation Sub-Committee, Connecticut Cancer PartnershipAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalState20032010
Prevention Sub-Committee, Connecticut Cancer PartnershipAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalState20032010
Connecticut Cancer Partnership Professional/Scientific OrganizationBoard of DirectorsExternalState20022007
Annual Retreat Committee, Dept of Cancer Prevention, Roswell Park Cancer InstituteAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalUniversity20012002
Workshop on Grant Writing for New Investigators, Congress of EpidemiologyWorkshop/ConferenceCo-ModeratorExternalNational20012001
Steering Committee, Biomarker Working Group, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Advisory CommitteeMember ExternalUniversity20002001
Prevention Grand Rounds Committee, Roswell Park Cancer InstituteAdvisory CommitteeMember ExternalUniversity20002001
Sigma Xi Graduate Research Day, SUNY BuffaloAdvisory CommitteeJudgeExternalUniversity20002000
Curriculum and Admissions Committee, Dept of Social and Preventive Medicine, SUNY Buffalo Advisory CommitteeMember ExternalUniversity19982000
Paper Session, Usability Testing Methods, Interface ConferenceWorkshop/ConferenceChairExternalNational19891989
The LancetProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
Cancer Causes and ControlProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and PreventionProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
Clinical Cancer ResearchProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
American Journal of GastroenterologyProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
Journal of Clinical OncologyProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
Leukemia and LymphomaProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
Molecular CarcinogenesisProfessional/Scientific JournalReviewerExternalNational
I am investigating the link between insulin resistance and cancer. Insulin resistance can result from being overweight or obese, which are serious public health problems confronting the United States today. Excess weight, particularly central fat, can result in impaired glucose uptake by cells, and, subsequently, high levels of glucose and insulin circulating in the bloodstream. One of the many effects of these excess levels is promotion of oxidative stress and inflammation, and resultant physiologic, cellular, and genetic damage.

Journal Articles

Conference Papers


Short Surveys

Title or AbstractTypeSponsor/EventDate/YearLocation
Geographic variation in the percentage of proximal colon cancer across the NCI SEER-9 Cancer Registries reflects varied Race/Ethnicity, Sex and Age DistributionsPosterDig Dis Week 2012
Adiposity attenuates association between regular statin use and increased number of Aberrant Crypt Foci in humansPosterAmerican Society of Preventive Oncology2012
Survival Disparities in Breast Cancer: Tumor Sub-type or Treatment Received? Panel Session on Health DisparitiesPanel DiscussionNational Medical Association Annual Meeting2012New Orleans, LA
Increased Frequency of Proximal Colon Cancer among Non-Hispanic Blacks, Females and Patients Age 60 or OlderTalkAmerican College of Gastroenterology, Annual Meeting2011Washington, DC
Periodontitis and Chronic Kidney Disease in Mexican AmericansPosterAADR Symposium: Oral Health Disparities Research2011
Aberrant Crypt Foci: CRC Pre-Cursors? TalkColumbia University School of Public Health2011New York, NY
Preventive Role of Statins in MelanomaTalkMelanoma Research Group, UCONN Health Center2011Farmington, CT
Triple-Negative Breast CancerTalkCT Breast Health Initiative, Annual Meeting2011
Obesity and CancerTalkOccupational Medicine Seminar Series, UCONN Health Center2010Farmington, CT
Outcome Disparities and Triple-Negative Breast CancerTalkBreast Cancer Symposium, UCONN Health Center2010Farmington, CT
Obesity: An emerging risk factor for certain cancersTalkDept of Occupational Medicine, UCONN Health Center2010Farmington, CT
C-Reactive Protein, Obesity, and Colorectal Cancer Mortality: A Prospective Study of the NHANES III-NDI DatasetTalkObesity Society Conference2009Washington, DC
Hospital and Statewide Tumor Research Registries in ConnecticutTalkUniversity of Pennsylvania, Tumor Registry Summit2009Philadelphia, PA
Development of a Pilot Registry on Breast Cancer in Women 40 years of Age and Under. Young Survival CoalitionPosterNational Breast Cancer Coalition, Advocacy Training Conference2008
A Pattern of Care Study evaluating. Surgical Staging for Uterine CancerPosterAmerican Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting2008
IGF System and Colon CancerTalkColon Cancer Colloquium, UCONN Health Center2008Farmington, CT
Obesity, Cancer, and GeneticsTalkAlcohol Research Group, UCONN Health Center2008Farmington, CT
History of Cancer: From Ancients to Modern EraTalkEastern Connecticut Health Network2007
Obesity: An emerging risk factor for certain cancersTalkDept of Community Medicine & Health Care, UCONN Health Center2007Farmington, CT
History of Cancer: From Ancients to Modern EraTalkHistory of Medicine Lecture Series, UCONN Health Center2006Farmington, CT
Geographic mapping of seasonal variation in diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Iowa 1974-1998PosterThe North American Association of Central Cancer Registries2005
Research Opportunities at the Connecticut Tumor RegistryTalkNCI Cancer Information Service, Yale Cancer Center2005New Haven, CT
Cancer surveillance and molecular epidemiology at the Connecticut Tumor RegistryTalkNeag Cancer Center Retreat, UCONN Health Center2005
Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck in non-smokers and non-drinkersTalkSociety of Surgical Oncology2003Los Angeles, CA
Prognostic value of HER2 in small breast TumorsTalkNew York University Cancer Institute2003New York, NY
Understanding cancer trends and screening, Co-led with Beth Mielcarek, RN, MSNTalkDepartment of Public Health, State of Connecticut2003Hartford, CT
Does ras mutation drive intra-chromosomal genomic instability in cancer? TalkSymposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Genomic Integrity2002Houston, TX
A more sensitive proliferation marker than Ki-67 for squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynxPosterAmerican Academy of Otolaryngology2002
Regular aspirin use and breast cancer riskPosterAmerican Association for Cancer Research2002
Selenium chemoprevention in lung cancerTalkEpidemiology and Public Health, Yale2002New Haven, CT
Intra-chromosomal genomic instability in colon cancerTalkYale Cancer Center2002New Haven, CT
Breast cancer risk factors and HER2 overexpression in tumorsTalkCongress of Epidemiology/Society for Epidemiologic Research2001Toronto, Canada
Breast cancer risk factors and HER2 overexpression in tumors (ibid)TalkAmerican Society of Preventive Oncology2001New York, NY
Cigarette smoking and gelsolin loss in non-small cell lung cancer patientsPosterCongress of Epidemiology 2001
HER2 in breast cancer and tumor sizeTalkEpidemiology and Public Health, Yale2001New Haven, CT
Etiologic significance of HER2 in breast cancerTalkMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center2001New York, NY
Genetic epidemiologyTalkPrevention Grand Rounds, Roswell Park Cancer Institute 2001Buffalo, NY
Molecular epidemiology of colon cancerTalkSurgical Fellows, Roswell Park Cancer Institute 2001Buffalo, NY
Tumor size and HER2 overexpression in invasive ductal carcinoma of the breastPosterAmerican Association for Cancer Research2000
HER2 in breast cancerTalkPrevention Grand Rounds, Roswell Park Cancer Institute 2000Buffalo, NY
Gelsolin as a tumor suppressor gene in Lung CancerTalkDepartment of Medicine, Roswell Park Cancer Institute2000Buffalo, NY
Family history of cancer and health-related behaviors in a cancer screening clinic populationPosterAmerican Association for Cancer Research1999
Weight change and breast cancer risk: ORDET StudyPosterSan Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 1997San Antonio, CA
Epidemiologic methodsTalkResidents and Fellows, Mercy Hospital1997Buffalo, NY
Introductory biostatisticsTalkSurgical Fellows, Roswell Park Cancer Institute 1996Buffalo, NY
User Study of Freehand Recognition DevicePosterEastman Kodak Innovations Forum1987