Photo of Christine  Thatcher, Ed.D.

Christine Thatcher, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Associate Dean for Medical Education and Assessment
Academic Office Location:
Academic Affairs
263 Farmington Avenue
Room AM044D
Farmington, CT 06030-1830
Phone: 860-679-1225
Ed.D.University of HartfordEducational Leadership

Journal Articles

  • A Snapshot of Medical Education in the United States and Canada: Reports from 145 Schools 9S (University of Connecticut School of Medicine)
    Thatcher, C., Nestler, E. Held, M. Academic Medicine 2020 Sep;95S79-S82
  • A Snapshot of Medical Student Education in the United States and Canada: Reports from 145 Schools
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  • University of Connecticut School of Medicine
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  • A Synergy between Peer Evaluation and Student Coaching in Team-Based Learning: Coach review of peer evaluations improves student acceptance
    Manger, T. and Thatcher, C. Medical Science Educator 2019 Oct;

Book Chapters

  • Chapter 5: Overview of Individual, Team, and Peer- Coaching.
    Thatcher, C., Pfeifer, K. Allgood, J.A., and Sanders, M.M. Coaching in Medical Education: Students, Residents and Faculty (The AMA MedEd Innovation Series) 2022 Sep;44-54
  • How to maximize my coaching session.
    Thatcher, C. and DeMarsilis, A. It takes two: A guide to being a good coachee. 2019 Sep;
  • Conducting a coaching session
    Thatcher, C., Sanders, M., and M.C. Jacob Coaching in Medical Education: A Faculty Handbook 13-19