Photo of George A. Kuchel, M.D., FRCP, AGSF

George A. Kuchel, M.D., FRCP, AGSF

Travelers Chair in Geriatrics and Gerontology
Professor of Medicine
Director, UConn Center on Aging
Chief of Geriatric Medicine
Academic Office Location:
UConn Center on Aging
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-5215
Phone: 860-679-3956
Fax: 860-679-1307

UConn Center on Aging

Genetics & Developmental Biology Graduate Program

OtherVanier CollegeHealth Sciences
OtherMcGill Medical SchoolMedicine

Post-Graduate Training
InternshipMontreal General HospitalInternal Medicine
ResidencyMontreal General HospitalInternal Medicine
PostdoctoralHarvard Medical SchoolKaiser, Faculty Development Program in General Internal Medicine
FellowshipHarvard Medical School, Division on Aging and Beth Israel HospitalGeriatrics and Gerontology
PostdoctoralHarvard Medical SchoolBiological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
PostdoctoralMount Sinai Medical CenterNeurobiology and Gerontology

Name of Award/HonorAwarding Organization
Carole and Ray Neag Medal of HonorUniversity of Connecticut
FellowGerontological Society of America
Brookdale Senior FellowBrookdale Foundation, New York, NY
Brookdale Senior Fellow, New York Brookdale Foundation
FellowAmerican Geriatrics Society
John A. Hartford Leadership AwardJohn A. Hartford Foundation, New York
Travelers Chair in Geriatrics and GerontologyUniversity of Connecticut
Montreal General Hospital 175th Anniversary AwardMontreal General Hospital, McGill University
Chercheur-Boursier AwardFonds de la Recherche en Santé du Québec
FellowshipMedical Research Council of Canada
Brookdale National FellowBrookdale Foundation
Royal Canadian Legion Fellowship in Geriatric MedicineRoyal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
McGill - Mona Bronfman Scheckman Prize in PsychiatryMcGill University
McGill University ScholarMcGill University

Individualized Approaches to Geroscience-Guided Interventions in the Promotion of Healthy and Independent Aging

Geriatric Assessment

R25AG073119 NIA/NIH. Kuchel (contact MPI)  Espinoza, Justice, Newman, Pignolo (MPIs) 07/2021-06/2024

NIA Geroscience Education and Training (GET) Network           

Geroscience-guided therapies seeking to alleviate chronic conditions of aging as a group by targeting basic aging processes are now entering clinical trials. The discovery, validation and translation into routine clinical care of such transformational therapies will require a robust and diverse geroscience workforce and training pipeline. We are proposing the creation of a network model designed to integrate expertise, knowledge, and resources across multiple institutions and organizations in addressing the following Aims. Aim 1: Develop shared geroscience curricula and educational materials initially targeting medical, PhD students and geriatric medicine fellows. Aim 2: Develop a Certificate in Geroscience Research Program to train the next generation of geroscience researchers by offering multidisciplinary training in geroscience. Aim 3: Ensure optimal dissemination of the educational materials developed through this award.

Name & DescriptionCategoryRoleTypeScopeStart YearEnd Year
Member, Delirium Expert Task Force, Global Council on Brain Health, AARPAdvisory CommitteeAdvisory BoardInternational20192019
Member, Advisory Board, resTORbio, Cambridge, MAAdvisory CommitteeAdvisory BoardInternational20192020
NIA Access Panel of the Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program (CITP)Advisory CommitteeMemberExternalNational2019
Board of Directors, Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs (ADGAP)Professional/Scientific OrganizationMemberExternalNational2019
Deputy Editor, Journal of the American Geriatrics SocietyEditorial BoardDeputy EditorInternational2016
NIA Clinical Trials Advisory Panel (CTAP)Advisory CommitteeMemberExternalNational2016
NIA Clinical Trials Advisory Panel (CTAP)Advisory CommitteeMemberExternalNational2016
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS)Editorial BoardDeputy EditorExternalInternational2016
Advisor, Doctoral Program in Biomedical Science (Developmental Biology), U. of ConnecticutOtherExternalUniversity2002


  1. Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of aging emphasizing inter-individual variability and resilience mechanisms pertaining to mobility, voiding, cognition and host defense

  2. Design and validation of geroscience-guided interventions into aging and common chronic diseases of aging

  3. Personalized and mechanism-guided approaches to the diagnosis and management of common geriatric syndromes – “Precision Geroscience”

Current Research Support

NIH/NIA P30 AG067988  Kuchel and Fortinsky (MPIs) 8/15/2021-06/30/2026. UConn Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center. The Claude D Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at UConn (UConn OAIC) seeks to develop clinical strategies for enhancing function and independence in older adults that are more precise, personalized, and effective accomplished through a multidisciplinary emphasis on Precision Gerontology. Role: MPI (Contact)

NIH/NIA R33 AG061456 Kirkland, Kritchevsky, Kuchel, Tchkonia (MPIs) 2/01/2019-11/30/2023. Translational Geroscience Network. The role of the NIA Translational Geroscience Network (TGN) is to overcome barriers to the translation of new geroscience-guided therapies from bench research to human studies and ultimately clinical care. Role: Multiple PI (MPI). See link for more information on the TGN network (

NIH/NIA R21 AG063528  Kuchel, Xu, Smith (MPIs). 4/15/2019-12/31/2021. Role of Senolytics in Lower Urinary Tract Aging and Voiding Disorders. Our goal is to test senolytic drugs that target senescent cells throughout the body including the bladder and nervous system for their ability to prevent or slow the onset of bladder dysfunction in mouse models of aging. Role: Multiple PI (MPI)

NIH/NIA R01 AG051647  Binder (PI, Washington U) 9/15/2017-05/31/2022. Combining Testosterone Therapy and Exercise to Improve Function Post Hip Fracture. Dr. Richard Fortinsky and Dr. Kuchel (site Co-PIs) are site leaders of a multicenter randomized clinical trial of testosterone therapy and exercise training on functional capacity in frail older women following hip fracture. Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIAID R01 AI142086 Banchereau(PI; Jackson Lab)02/14/2020-01/31/2024. High-Resolution Single Cell Profiling of Vaccine Responsiveness in the Elderly. Cell-mediated vaccine protection will be studied in samples from earlier flu vaccine study. Role: Co-Investigator

IHS-1502-27171 (PCORI)  Fortinsky (PI) 05/01/2016-10/31/2023. 3D Team Care for Cognitively Vulnerable Older Adults. Achieving better outcomes for cognitively vulnerable community-dwelling older adults living with dementia, depression, and/or delirium via home-based clinical care teams guided by APRNs with geriatrics expertise. Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIA R01 AG058814  Smith (PI) 05/15/2019-01/31/2024. Detrusor Underactivity as an HCN-mediated Failure of Resilience in Aging. The main goal of this project is to investigate the role of a “pacemaker” ion channel in the age evolution of a control mechanism critical to neural regulation of bladder volume sensitivity. Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIA R21 AG060018-02S1 Kuo (PI) 09/01/2020-06/30/2021.Understanding the Role of ApoE2 in Longevity and Age-Related Diseases and Conditions Using 500,000 UK Biobank Participants-Administrative Supplement. We hypothesize that patients with ApoE e3e4 or e4e4 genotypes are more likely than e3e3 to experience delirium during COVID-19 related hospitalizations and be diagnosed with cognitive impairment and dementia. Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIGMS R35 GM124922 Ucar (PI; Jackson Lab) 08/01/2017-07/31/2022. Identification and Interpretation of Chromatin Changes Associated with the Aging of Human Immune Cells. The goal of these studies is to define chromatin changes associated with aging in human immune cells. Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIA UH3AG056925-S1  Colon-Emeric, Whitson (PIs; Duke) 09/30/2019-08/31/2021. Physical Resiliencies: Indicators and Mechanisms in the Elderly Collaborative-Administrative Supplement. Immunogenomic signatures of resilience in baseline samples of subjects with PCR-proven flu infection. Role: Consortium Co-Investigator

NIH/NIA UH3AG056925-03 Colon-Emeric, Whitson (PIs; Duke)10/01/2019-09/30/2022. Physical Resiliencies: Indicators and Mechanisms in the Elderly Collaborative Role: Consultant

NIH/NINR R21 NR018963 Kuo (PI) 09/02/2020-07/31/2022. Identifying Potentially Modifiable Exposures to Improve Telomere Health and Disease Outcomes. We will use UK Biobank data to delineate modifiable exposures that directly influence or moderate telomere length, and how these influence health and risk of disease. Role: Co-Investigator

NIH/NIA R01 AG072301 Kirkland (PI; Mayo) 09/15/2020-05/31/2023. COVID-FIS: A phase 2 placebo-controlled pilot study in covid-19 of fisetin to alleviate dysfunction and excessive inflammatory response in older adults in nursing homes. RCT to test if senolytic drug fisetin prevents nursing home residents with COVID-19 from adverse outcomes Role: Co-Investigator/Site PI UConn 

NIH/NIA R56 AG060746 Oh, Robison, Kuchel (MPIs) 9/01/2019-08/31/2021. Microbiome Plasticity and Pathogenicity in Older Adults: Baselines and Transitions from Skilled Nursing Care. We will examine differences in microbiomes between older adults residing in different long-term care facilities and follow their return to the community, assessing baseline differences and microbiome “plasticity” on transition. Role: Multiple PI

Accepting Lab Rotation Students: Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022

Research Rotation Projects

Depending on trainee background and career interests they may include experiences involving basic bench science, human subject research or in selected cases  training in the translational T1 (bench to bedside) sciences.

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Aging of the Urinary Tract
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  • Age-related changes that impact drug metabolism.
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  • Influenza Vaccination: Accelerating the process for new vaccine development in older adults
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  • Systems Physiology of Aging and Selected Disorders of Homeostasis. Chapter 39
    Kuchel,George A. Hazzard’s Principles of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology. 8th edition.

Conference Papers

  • Mice with a null mutation for macrophage migration inhibitory factor have lower stage tumors in a model of bladder cancer. Taylor won New Investigator Award.
    Taylor JA, Kuchel GA, Hegde H, Voznesensky OS, Claffey K, Tsmikas J, Bucala R and Pilbeam C. 2006 Jan;
  • Locomotion in vitamin D receptor gene knockout mice.
    DuBose M, Sasso D, Kenny A, Pilbeam C, Demay M and Kuchel GA. 2005 Jan;
  • Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) inhibits compensatory smooth muscle growth in bladder outlet obstruction.
    Taylor JA, Zhu Q, Sasso D, Pilbeam C, Leng L, Bucala R and Kuchel GA. 2005 Jan;



Short Surveys

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COVID-19: A View from Geriatric Medicine and GeroscienceLectureRush University School of Medicine2021Chicago, IL
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 2a Study of RTB101 as COVID-19 Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Adults Age =65 YearsLectureNIA 2021 OAIC (Pepper Center ) ANNUAL MEETING2021
Extending Healthspan and Human Longevity Targeting Immunity: What is it about Immune Aging that Makes Older Adults So Vulnerable to COVID-19?LectureThe New York Academy of Sciences2021
The “5Ws” of Geroscience-Guided Trials and HIV Care: Why, Who, When, What and Where.LectureUniversity of Miami2021University of Miami Center for AIDS Research
Making sense of the heterogeneity of clinical presentations and outcomes in older adults exposed to SARS CoV-2.LectureNIA & NIAID Conference on Immunity, Aging, and COVID-19.2021Bethesda, MD
Vulnerability of Older Adults to COVID-19: Emerging role for biological hallmarks of aging and geroscience-guided therapiesPlenary LectureAmerican College of Cardiology Annual Meeting2020Virtual Meeting
Age-related changes that impact drug metabolism.LectureThe National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine.2020Washington, DC
Nekolik težce vydelaných lekcí z USA, všudyprítomná role ageismu a vznik terapií vedených geroscienceLectureInstitute for Social Policy and Research, Prague, Czech Republic.2020Prague, Czech Republic
Importance of Mitochondrial Heath in the Aging Bladder: A Translational Perspective.Plenary Lecture2019 SUFU Annual Meeting2019Miami, FL
Immune Responses to Vaccination on Aging: Translational Insights into Immune Resilience.Talk2019 Barshop Symposium on Aging2019University of Texas San Antonio, Bandera, TX
Systems Biology of Aging. Data Science Meets Geroscience. Meeting Co-Organizer with D Ucar and J Banchereau. Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT. 9/4-5/2019.LectureNIA R13/Jackson Lab for Genomic Medicine2019Farmington CT
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ScRNAseq of PBMCs for discovery of biomarkers of physical resilience to influenza infection in older adults.TalkNational Institute on Aging Resiliencies Grantees’ Meeting2018Bethesda, MD
Biomarkers for early identification of “response to treatment” in Geroscience-guided clinical trials: Insights from TAME.Talk9th Annual Alliance for Healthy Aging Research, Mayo Clinic2018Rochester, MN
New Approaches to the Study of Geriatric Syndromes: Moving from Beliefs, Opinions and Associations to Mechanisms.TalkNIA Workshop on the Epidemiology of Aging. NIA Intramural Program2018Baltimore, MD
Immune Responses to Vaccination in Aging: Insights into Frailty and Physical Resilience.Plenary Lecture31st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Immunology2018London, Ont. Canada